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About Us


Syrian Public Establishment for Grain was founded by resolution No. 16 on 15 / 05 / 2014. It is a public establishment with financial and administrative autonomy. It is a service-based establishment that works under the umbrella of Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Syrian Interim Government.


Operating all wheat centers and its silos and warehouses.

Operating old mills and installing new ones.

Operating old bakeries and installing new ones.

Vision and Mission:

SPEG tries to enhance food security; it takes its role to achieve social and financial improvement in the liberated areas by:

– Purchasing wheat from farmers to encourage them continue growing it in the liberated areas.

– Storing purchased wheat in warehouses and keeping it safe according to quality standards.

– Supplying wheat from international markets in case there is shortage of wheat in Syria.


Syrian Public Establishment for Grain care for wheat quality that farmers sell it for SPEG. All centers are equipped with technical devices to test wheat according to standards. Wheat is stored in silos, warehouses and outdoors according  to new practical ways of storage. Every mill is equipped with needed device to test flour according to standards.

Training and Improvement:

SPEG cares for training its staff and personnel by having training courses inside and outside Syria.

Social Development:

SPEG has a remarkable role in social development. It helped farmers to continue growing wheat by purchasing their wheat. It also contributed to encouraging farmers and people to stay in the liberated areas by supplying flour for public and private bakeries to ensure the provision of bread which is the core demand of all Syrians. SPEG gave the chance for experts and specialists to work for SPEG. It also contributed to helping cattle owners by providing bran and forage for their cattle.